Natasha Says "It's Worth It!"

"Whatever you do, don't give up on this, if it's who you are."

"It gives you the ability of not having to deal with that pain anymore; you get to be you all the time."

"Please never give up on yourself because you're worth it."

I recently gained a new friend in Natasha of the "Always No, Sometimes" blog.   When she was asked to contribute to the "It's Worth It" Project, she immediately jumped into action and posted the following video.

Be sure to watch this through, especially around the 8 minute mark.  Powerful stuff.

Tasha says "It's Worth it!"

Would you like to contribute to the "It's Worth It?" project?  Send an email to:

LORI (AT) ITS-WORTH-IT.ORG  (use the @ sign in place of the word "at" obviously).

And bookmark this page for many future contributions from many people wanting to share the same message to those who feel they have little hope: It's worth it!

Remember to bookmark : http://ITS-WORTH-IT.ORG

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